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Humble Beginning

This is a story of a boy from Bihar, who became a successful trader in Mumbai, through sheer grit and determination. It is said that ‘every accomplishment starts with a decision to try till you succeed’. This is true in Amarjeet’s case. Born in a poor farming family in Nalanda, Bihar, Amarjeet studied in a local government school, till 12th standard and worked with his father on their farm for a couple of years before moving to New Delhi.

Stepping Stones

He studied graphic design, web design and website development in New Delhi while working in a medical shop parallelly for sustenance. Later, he moved to Mumbai to work in an MNC as a graphic designer and rose to a distinct managerial position thanks to his stellar performance at work. He started freelancing soon and was extremely successful as a web designer in no time.

Struggle and Success

Around 2014, Amarjeet started dabbling in the stock market out of curiosity. He lost a significant amount of money at first. This made him take a step back and contemplate. He started researching and studying the stock market trends extensively and came up with his strategies. These strategies started yielding results and he turned into a profitable trader and investor.

The Way Ahead

Amarjeet wanted people to benefit from his research and knowledge. He established the Share Trading School in 2020. More than 500 students have benefitted from his market strategies and are successfully trading in the market today.